Date: Fri Oct 9 09:27:52 2009

Author: Richard Flarend

Subject: safety police


I posted a few months ago that we were being told we had to get
permission for 'loud' or 'explosive' demos. Well this weekend is our
show and here are the guidelines they just gave us about hydrogen/
oxygen balloons when we said we were going to use them.....

>> Based on this, I did contact [safety department] and they suggested
>> that the following guidelines be followed for a safe experiment:
>> The persons conducting the experiment must wear eye protection and
>> make sure the balloons are high enough over their heads to avoid
>> any injury.
>> There should be a fire extinguisher or hose nearby, preferably a
>> hose with water readily available.
>> Anyone watching should be no less than 20 feet away.
>> The location must be 20 feet from any building, free of overhanging
>> trees and free of leaves. Basically in a clear area.
>> Wind and other conditions need to be taken in to account when
>> conducting the experiment/demonstration.
>> University Police should be notified at least 15 -20 minutes before
>> the experiment is to take place to ensure no panic erupts and any
>> concerns by students or staff can be addressed.
>> Please pass this on to the instructional staff.

Inherent in this is that it can't be indoors, and we obviously are.

Can I ask everyone who does this demo to please notify me off-list
(with the 'safety police' in subject line) that you do the demo, and
what if any regulations are pressed upon you.

Richard F.