Date: Wed Oct 7 18:11:49 2009

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Richard Feynman


Please canvass them on Challenger -- I suspect a blank there also, if
not, why not.

bc first "met" Feynman when researching faltung integrals. (ca. 1964)

p.s. their engineering heroes?

On 2009, Oct 07, , at 13:44, Jerry DiMarco wrote:

> No this shouldn't worry you, they're engineering students.
> They probably have engineering heroes. If it was a Modern Physics
> or upper level course I would be surprised...
> Jerry
> At 10/7/2009 02:32 PM, you wrote:
>> This just happened and caused me to pause.
>> An hour ago I took a survey of the students in my calculus based
>> Physics 1 class, there's just over 30 of them and they are mostly
>> sophomore engineers, with a couple of science majors. We are just
>> beginning Conservation of Energy and I was about to read a quote
>> from Chp 4 of Feynman's lectures.
>> None, not one, had ever heard of Richard Feynman. Should this
>> worry me?
>> Cheers,
>> David
>> P.S. Part of their homework this week end is to write half a page
>> on Feynman. I wonder how many copies of the Wikipedia page I'll get.