Date: Tue Oct 20 14:39:48 2009

Author: Andrew Yue

Subject: PC based USB Oscilloscopes



Does anyone use a Laptop PC with a USB oscilloscope module in their
classrooms in place of a traditional Tektronics oscilloscope?

This would be for a laptop PC that is currently running Windows XP.

If so, I'd like to hear any recommendations as to which USB o-scope
module and software is best suited for class room use.

On the slow end, I need to be able to display 5F30.20 - RC Time
Constant on Scope at about 500 milliseconds per division. The
ability to show a full second per division would be a plus.

The fastest demo we have with regards to the time scale at the moment
is about a 10 microseconds per division.

Also, I'd like to hear your opinion regarding:

* The operating software - ease of use / learning curve
* Resolution of the display - nothing as bad as the Pasco 750
* Real Time Info versus screen lag.

Last but not least - do your faculty like the substitution of a
laptop PC with a USB module for a traditional hands on oscilloscope?


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