Date: Wed Oct 14 09:33:03 2009

Author: Zani, Gerald

Subject: Re: Fun Fly stick reengineering


Keep the aluminum roller at the wand end for both positive and negative
charge versions.

Make an acrylic roller to replace the Telfon roller at the motor end.
Acrylic and Teflon will produce opposite the opposite sign of charge
when rubbed with most materials.

Acrylic takes on a net deficiency of electrons (+positive charge) when
rubbed with most materials.
Teflon (and also PVC) take on a net excess of electrons (-negative
charge) when rubbed with most materials.

- jz

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Hello all,

I bought two Fun Fly sticks a little while ago

and have wanted to reengineer one so that it puts the opposite charge
on the wand. So I finally got around to it this week. When I opened
one up I found a mini VdG generator, with a teflon roller at the motor
end and an aluminum roller at the wand end with a black rubber belt
connecting the two. I had the shop adjust them so I could reverse them
(teflon at the wand end and aluminum at the motor end). However when I
turned it on, pretty much nothing happened. I got no charge buildup at
all on the wand end. Is there something else I need to be doing?

It looks like charge is being extracted from your body (an approximate
ground) and transferred to the wand end so it didn't seem like I would
need to rewire it.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks.


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