Date: Mon Oct 12 21:27:28 2009

Author: William Beaty

Subject: Re: DANGER: Fire-extinguisher on a turntable/stool/hoovercraft


On Mon, 12 Oct 2009, Richard Flarend wrote:
> So I am thinking that this type of a spinning demo is inherrently
> unsafe unless the extinguisher is fastened down to the cart and
> positioned in the center of the cart so that it cannot obtain any
> translational kinetic energy. This is what I plan on doing for future
> years. I am also going to go a bit further and also remake the linear
> carts so that the extinguisher is fastened into them too.

Not only that, but fasten an extinguisher-propelled hovercraft to the
stage with one or more ropes. If it gets out of control for any reason,
when it heads toward the audience it reaches the rope limit. This is
especially important in grade schools where the stage is elevated relative
to the first few rows of seats.

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