Date: Mon Oct 12 17:41:42 2009

Author: Doug Johnson

Subject: Special SCPTA Meeting at the Exploratorium December 2009


Dear Tap-L and SCPTA Friends,
Back in May 2009, I started a list of those who were interested in
attending a SCPTA Meeting at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Charles
Sowers and I have found a tentative date for the meeting and we are looking
at Thursday, December 17th, 2009. Please let me know if this date will work
for your schedules.
Also, please check the list below and send me any corrections or

Thanks! Doug Johnson

PS.. The last time we did this was in June of 2001, we had a group of 30
people come from all over the USA. It was awesome! We had behind the
scenes tours, demo presentations by those who attended, personalized group
tour of the many outstanding displays open to the public

Those who were interested as of 5/26/2009:(22)

Bill Alexander Humbolt State University
Steve Anderson CSU Sonoma
Kelly Beck Stanford
Adam Beehler University of Utah
Bill Brinsmead Univ. Reno Nevada
Jeff Cady Cal Tech
Perry Godwin Lansing Community College
Gueorgui Gueorguiev UCLA
David Haley Pomona College
Donna Jaramillo-Fellin UC Merced
Doug Johnson Cal Poly Pomona
Anthony Lapinski
Hector Maciel Cal Poly Pomona
Charles Sowers Exhibit Developer Exploratorium (Host)
Rusty Orr UC Berkeley
Jeff Patterson UC San Diego
Wayne Peterson Brigham Young University
Zig Peacock Retired University of Utah
Gordon Shepherd Greensboro College
Marty Simon UCLA
Maria Vaughn Cal Poly Pomona
Dan Wright El Camino College