Date: Thu Oct 1 13:00:18 2009

Author: Keith Warren

Subject: Re: UM Intercollegiate Athletics update


Did the 'x' have a negative value?

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I heard of university that paid a physics professor the football coach's
salary plus x.

John Hubisz

Rick Tarara wrote:
> The problem at all big Universities is that they have bought into the
> perversion of societal values. Who is the highest paid employee of
> the University (usually by a factor of 10-20 over professors and
> several times that of the University president)?
> With that 'investment' it is not surprising that there is a demand for
> results and stupid reactions to failure--such as throwing more money
> at the problem (sort of like what some want to do with education ;-).
> It has been rumored that at the University across the street from us
> here at Saint Mary's College in South Bend Indiana....with the arrival
> of any new coach comes a blank check from the alumni to buy out that
> coach's contract should he fail--hope the 'donor' has a BIG account
> right now.
> While we know that salaries in the financial world and to some extent
> in parts of the general business world have gotten out of hand, that
> trend is probably tied to the ridiculous amount we pay our athletes
> and performers. Little wonder that CEOs what as much or more than a
> baseball player. Unfortunately, I see the trend of overemphasizing and
> spending too much money on school athletics getting worse--ESPN now
> covers High School football and basketball and is encouraging getting
> 'top teams' to play each other even if they are from different areas
> of the country. Not sure if the TV is picking up the travel costs,
> but the damage to student education (quite similar to how hard it is
> for College athletes to be conscientious students) will only get worse
> at the HS level.
> end of rant
> Rick
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>> Hi Tappers,
>> I don't think Dick's point is really about the team's record. I
>> think the reference to the record is more to note the school's
>> reaction to it, i.e., throwing good money after bad and hence
>> questioning the school's financial priorities in doing so.
>> And to answer your question Dick, no, I don't think your school
>> administration is "dumber" than most. This extravagant spending on
>> the wrong priorities seems to be happening everywhere, and almost all
>> 1-A schools chasing the "Holy Grail" of a BCS bowl have fallen into
>> this trap. I could cite any examples here. Everybodies drinking the
>> Koolaid!
>> And I'm sure Sammie is gnashing his teeth right now....
>> Dave/RU
>> Paul Nord wrote:
>>> Almost half of all teams loose any given game.
>>> 1-4 isn't too many standard deviations from normal.
>>> Paul
>>> On Oct 1, 2009, at 9:34 AM, Bernard Cleyet wrote:
>>>> Logically , no.
>>>> They can't all be losers!
>>>> bc thinks not happening at every, but all are "dumb".
>>>> On 2009, Oct 01, , at 04:47, Richard Berg wrote:
>>>>> Is this happening at every University, or is the administration of
>>>>> the University of Maryland just dumber than most?