Date: Sat Oct 10 07:44:07 2009

Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Solid State Tesla Coil


>A few years ago, we had a discussion about solid state tesla coils.
>As I recall, someone on the list had a former student who made them,
>perhaps down in the LA area. At the time, I couldn't afford them,
>but I might have some extra budget this year. Does anyone still have
>the link?
>Zeke Kossover


A small one is decribed on Richie Burnett's (a very gifted
TC-wizard/developer) page at:

Besides Bill Beaty my friend Kurt Schraner from Basel/Switzerland has
some good references to TC- activists worldwide on his web gae at:

Richie Burnett is one of the links there.

Happy electro-sparking


Urs Lauterburg
Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern