Date: Fri Oct 9 10:07:43 2009

Author: Zani, Gerald

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The untimely death of Len Bias (from heart failure due to cocaine abuse)
severely affected the fan base for the Basketball crazy city of the
Boston Celtics for many, many years.

- jz

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One of the foolish things done at UM was to fire Lefty Dreisell with
nearly ten years remaining on his contract.

"His" error was to let hs star player Len Bias die of a drug overdose,
after the basketball season was long over and afterhe had been selected
the Boston Celtics as the first draft pick for that season. They paid
many millions for that decision.


On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Jerry DiMarco wrote:

> Finally getting around to responding to Sam's email. Yes there
> exceptions, and not all are due to the individuals involved. It also
> matters who is at the top, and this includes the coach, athletic
> president, trustees, etc.
> A few years ago here, a former FB player was involved in a drug
> murder. Some people wanted heads to roll so the FB coach was fired.
> thought it was unfair and that he was made a scapegoat. It could be
> he was at least indirectly responsible because he sets recruiting
> but maybe he was also trying to help his recruits build a better life.

> That's all past now. There is a new coach and additional policies
that get
> athletes involved in community service, and pair them with faculty
> Problems seem to have diminished. So it really matters who is at the
> A case in point might be Syracuse's BB team. Are they as bad as the
> players you cite?
> At 10/1/2009 10:52 PM, you wrote:
>> Jerry Jerry Jerry,
>> There was a time when the football players on campus were required to
>> polite, required to not only attend class, but also pass. Ok, sure,
>> of the stars back then took basketweaving, but I don't that that was
>> rule for the entire team.
>> Now these guys are rude and obnoxious. And I'm guessing that a good
>> percentage just made it out of high school, can't do 9th math or read
>> grade level material, but they're in college to play football and NOT
>> an education. Maybe they're here for an edumacation.
>> Please don't take offense, there are acceptions to the rule. And I
>> the rules changed long ago...
>> The root of the problem though is the system and NOT the kids. They
>> simply products of the system. The system sucks...
>> Sam

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