Date: Fri Aug 7 11:22:04 2009

Author: Dale E. Stille

Subject: Re: Variation on a demo I saw at Ann Arbor



I'll take one.


Adam Beehler wrote:
> Yes, please send it. Thank you.
> Adam Beehler
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>> Please send it...
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>> Subject: [tap-l] Variation on a demo I saw at Ann Arbor
>> I think it was Mark that had set up in the back room of the lecture
>> demonstration area at the University of Michigan this demonstration:
>> Two air core solenoids with their axes vertical were connected
>> together with wires. Two magnets were suspended on springs above them
>> so that the magnets could oscillate up and down into the bores of the
>> solenoids. When one magnet was set in motion the other began to
>> oscillate in time.
>> My modification is to place a large table galvanometer in the circuit
>> to monitor the current in the solenoids. Poser: If you set the
>> apparatus into oscillation and stop by hand one of the magnets, what
>> happens to the current?
>> I have a picture of my version should anyone want me to send it to them.
>> Cliff