Date: Fri Aug 7 09:58:25 2009

Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: Variation on a demo I saw at Ann Arbor


Please send it...


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Subject: [tap-l] Variation on a demo I saw at Ann Arbor

I think it was Mark that had set up in the back room of the lecture
demonstration area at the University of Michigan this demonstration:
Two air core solenoids with their axes vertical were connected
together with wires. Two magnets were suspended on springs above them
so that the magnets could oscillate up and down into the bores of the
solenoids. When one magnet was set in motion the other began to
oscillate in time.

My modification is to place a large table galvanometer in the circuit
to monitor the current in the solenoids. Poser: If you set the
apparatus into oscillation and stop by hand one of the magnets, what
happens to the current?

I have a picture of my version should anyone want me to send it to them.