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Author: Matt Lowry

Subject: Re: Bed of Nails -- RE: High speed video


Paul, how are the blocks arranged when you stack them?

Cheers - Matt

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I've only ever seen this done with at least two blocks stacked up.
This actually looks more dangerous, but the greater inertia in the
blocks slows down the blow and keeps the instantaneous force lower at
all times.


On Aug 31, 2009, at 9:31 AM, Matt Lowry wrote:

> The reason why I don't turn the block 90 degrees (horizontally) is
> because from the structure of the block this increases the chances
> that you won't hit it square in the middle. This in turn increases
> the chances that the block won't break - trust me, I've learned this
> the hard way. This also puts the hammer wielder in danger, as
> chunks fly back towards their shins & feet.
> As for not laying the block down on its long side, same problem with
> hitting it correctly. Because of the middle cross-piece of the
> block, this makes it a poor position in which to hit it.

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