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Author: Bill Alexander

Subject: Re: Bed of Nails -- RE: High speed video


For a construction job I was doing at home I had to purchase a pallet of cinder blocks, and went to the local factory and bought them there. I got to see how they are made (at least here). A slightly moist mixture of sand, cement, and water is dropped into the form, then it is hydraulically compressed to make maximum grain to grain contact. Now remember, this is a crumbly, almost dry mixture. At this point, the form pulled away, and the intact block was carefully lifted off onto a pallet. Just a few seconds start to finish, no cure time.

I mention this because one time we ran out of blocks here, and I brought in one from home that had sat outside for a couple of years. The prof told me it almost killed him (exaggeration) because it was much tougher than the new ones. Over time and moisture the cement had completed its reactions and really hardened. I now purchase them the week before the demo, and if possible from a local hardware store that stores them inside.

Bill Alexander
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA 95521

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