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Oh, I noticed how close that chunk came to my face - I saw it right before it hit the shield! This is the main reason why I turn my head. The face shield is very flexible, and in my video it is the shield that flexes and absorbs the KE of the impact, not my face. I had not a scratch on me. That is why I wear this particular shield - it has saved me many, many times :)

Incidentally, I'd be interested in seeing some photos of how others set up their concrete blocks for this demo. Thanks in advance!

Cheers - Matt

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Matt, as John mentioned there's no way that I'd lay the cinder block
in the vertical position.

Did you notice how close the flying chunks came to the face shield?

Also, I prefer two concrete blocks rather than just one, preferably
the solid all the way through, 8" by 16" by 4" cap stones used for
walk ways. The have much more mass per brick than the standard
cinder block.

>Howdy all,
>Since we're on the topic of high-speed video, I wanted to share a
>great video taken of me performing the bed of nails demonstration
>this summer...
>Matt Lowry
>Lake Forest High School
>College of Lake County



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