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Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Cost-Cutting / Money-Making Measures in Tough



I guess we are drifting off here again into a forbidden topic for
tap-l. I don't like to generalize ideologies. However, I thought the
reps would represent the more conservative, backward oriented folks.

Well anyway, life without money is hard in the capitalistic world
where they preach that it's only fun if you have that magic stuff.
Would there by physics without funding...?... to bring this a bit
back to a legal subject again...



Urs Lauterburg
A barely funded Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern

>Marty will answer your specific questions. I'll add the left interpretation:
>A not too simple minded dichotomy is a nurturing philosophy and a
>"strict father" one*** The nurturing are mainly
>democrats, and some other left parties -- people e.g. Nader.
>To "cut to the chase" the Republicans aim is to defund all
>nurturing orgs., i.e. the socialist ones e.g. state Universities,
>nationalized utilities and industries, etc. [I've extended this to
>the Conservatives in the UK, e.g. Maggie Thatcher.] their
>religious roots are from that protestant, Calvin.
>I think the beginning of the end came when the hyper capitalists
>hijacked the progressive initiative process in proposition 13 that
>essentially defunded California. The other is the reclctrance of
>the Republicans to compromise on funding, as the bugget rquires a
>2/3 vote to pass in the legislature.
>*** Early proponent was Erich Fromm; currently in great detail by
>George Lakoff.

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