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Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Cost-Cutting / Money-Making Measures in Tough



Marty will answer your specific questions. I'll add the left

A not too simple minded dichotomy is a nurturing philosophy and a
"strict father" one*** The nurturing are mainly
democrats, and some other left parties -- people e.g. Nader.

To "cut to the chase" the Republicans aim is to defund all
nurturing orgs., i.e. the socialist ones e.g. state Universities,
nationalized utilities and industries, etc. [I've extended this to
the Conservatives in the UK, e.g. Maggie Thatcher.] their religious
roots are from that protestant, Calvin.

I think the beginning of the end came when the hyper capitalists
hijacked the progressive initiative process in proposition 13 that
essentially defunded California. The other is the reclctrance of the
Republicans to compromise on funding, as the bugget rquires a 2/3
vote to pass in the legislature.

*** Early proponent was Erich Fromm; currently in great detail by
George Lakoff.

On 2009, Aug 23, , at 10:46, Urs Lauterburg wrote:

> Marty,
> What you wrote does not sound so well. Is the cut for lacking funds
> due to less state income or because there are fewer young people
> who choose to enroll in a natural science disciplines? How can you
> go about only admitting 1/2 the normal number of students? Have you
> implemented some kind of a selection test to justify the reduction
> by one half? This might not be an entirely bad thing though.
> However if you loose the culture to demonstrate the fundamental
> effects of physics while lecturing or conduct student physics labs
> you will never get them back again afterwards. You will also kill
> an expensive long-therm investment for such activities. The
> authorities responsible for making the decisions should keep this
> in mind.
> Regards and best wishes from over here, where so far nobody
> questioned our engagement (one never knows though because science
> does not seem the be the interest of the masses).
> Urs
> Urs Lauterburg
> Physics demonstrator
> Physikalisches Institut
> University of Bern
> Switzerland
> Martin Simon wrote on Sat, 22 Aug 2009:
>> Here's how it's happening at our public university. Secretaries
>> gone, lecturers gone, electronic shop gone. We are admitting
>> 1/2 the normal number of graduate students to physics and
>> astronomy and
>> we were worried there would be zero grad students. If we are the
>> most important discipline for the future there will be less
>> researchers in the pipeline soon. We are reducing the number of
>> undergrad admits too.
>> All honors physics lecture courses have been eliminated. There had
>> been an honors series in biophysics for the premed/biology students
>> and honors physics classes for the physics majors and engineers.
>> Some
>> classes will not be offered every quarter so students will have to
>> go to
>> summer school or extension. We have been furloughed without pay
>> the equivalent of 1 month of working days this year.


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