Date: Wed Aug 5 08:16:04 2009

Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: multiplex hologram


I like the holophile page! Awesome. And thanks for doing work for me.

We missed you at the meeting this year. Maybe next year in Portland???

Maybe you can purchase the Kiss on e-bay??? I bought mine many years ago.


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Back from the meeting and seeking kisses again
already... Well, I don't have anything ready from
over here and like Dale I do not own that classic
holographic kiss either.

However, performing a Google search I found the
following page which might be useful:

I also found the following side note on this page :

''The "Kiss"
The first major effort was the famous "Kiss".
This fabulous image depicted Pam Brazier blowing
a kiss as you walked around the hologram. In
short order the SOH produced a number of
different multiplex holograms and attempted to
create a business. But that's another story...''

Can one still purchase that kiss. For how much?

Regards and congratulations for the obviously
very successful Ann Arbor meeting !!!

Regards from a swampy, remote area


Urs Lauterburg

Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern

>Anybody have a good writeup/poster for the
>kissing lady (or any of that type) hologram, or
>for any white light hologram for that matter? I
>want to pop my kissing lady in the display case
>and don't want to build a poster from scratch.
>I'd rather pick your expert brains and modify to
>suit my needs©.
>Sam Sampere
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>Department of Physics
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