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Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Cost-Cutting / Money-Making Measures in Tough Financial


Is a history student expect to have a life time income as great as a
science student?

bc thinks medical care would be much less expensive if med. schools
were free as in those socialist countries, e.g. Cuba and the UK.

He also thinks; if stan thinks the history student should subsidize
the science student, this make him a socialist.

On 2009, Aug 19, , at 08:44, Stan Dodds wrote:

> Should a science student really pay a higher effective tuition than
> a history student? A science textbook costs them $150 or more, and
> might be good for two semesters if they are luck. Adding in $100
> per semester lab fees more than doubles the incremental cost of the
> course, which starts to become a big effect across multiple
> courses. Maybe we should make it clearer to our administrators that
> teaching science is expensive, but the costs should be included in
> the advertised tuition, not slipped in piecemeal.

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