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Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: presentation cameras for projection of live demos


Remember Bill's offer of enlargers and the suggestion that they may
be modified for use as .... :

There is also a photo suggesting that if one does
not actually need an enlarger, there is nevertheless
a multitude of uses for the variable (parallelogram)
support structure, whereby one can support cameras etc
at various angles and altitudes.

There is also a rack and pinion arrangement that could
be adapted for variable positioning uses.

You can also check on PIRA-chat for any other of our
available items.

bc remembers.

On 2009, Aug 20, , at 12:18, Bill Reitz wrote:

> Pati,
> some suggestions:
> demo cams:
> 1. use a photo copy stand & video camera (about $600 for the stand
> only +cost of camera) or used on e-bay ( I see them from about $10
> to $300 today)
> 2. Use a video camera & a ring stand & extra lighting

From Thu Aug 20 21:15:59 2009