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Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: stereo speakers


NOT! Only when the resistance real or complex is non linear is ohms
law "violated". In that case the system is "low-fidelity".
Nonlinearity results in distortion -- not HI-Fi!

I agree students should crawl before running, except in exceptional
cases. Therefore, use low real (as opposed to complex) internal
resistance sources and "pure" resistors as the load. Then introduce
complex and non linear loads (reactive, extrinsic and intrinsic non-
linear ones). Measuring the impedance of speakers and amplifier
internal or source impedance is an excellent exercise once the
students have a good apprehension of ohms law in simple and complex
cases. This makes a great "exploration" lab.'s_law#Transients_and_AC_circuits


On 2009, Mar 12, , at 05:23, Anthony Lapinski wrote:

> I was hoping to do some basic
> math problems for these situations, but Ohm's law can't really be
> applied.

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