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Forgive me, but I think this thread is not directly applicable to either
doing Demos or doing Labs.

I think this thread is another candidate for PIRA Chat

Just my opinion,
- J

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The "stuff" in the Big Bang wasn't the particles that we deal with. It
wasn't even quarks, much less electrons and such.


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Anthony Lapinski wrote:
> The cover story on the current (April, 2009) issue of Astronomy is,
> The Universe Had No Beginning. Astronomers claim that at this time,
> universe had infinite density (zero volume). This has puzzled me for
> time. Isn't there a "maximum" density for matter? I mean, stuff is
> composed of fundamental particles which supposedly have mass and take
> space. Or maybe their wave-like properties change this? Maybe the
> laws as we know them today were somehow much different during this
> Still, I find it difficult (mind boggling!) to understand that all the
> matter in the entire universe was compressed into a single point.
> Does anyone know how this infinite density idea can be explained? Is
> being challenged by anyone in the scientific community? Or is this
> something we all have to accept?

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