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Author: Michael A Thomason

Subject: PIRA Forum and Filesharing Sites


PIRA's website,, hosts a Forum wide open for
discussion of any topic, PIRA related or not.

This Forum was intended to be a replacement for the PIRA Newsletter. You
can attach more file types and larger files than the Google chat group
allows. The Forum also has much larger storage space than Google groups.
Feel free to use it also for Newsletter type articles. Online voting for
PIRA officers is also hosted on the Forum each year. also hosts a Filesharing site. Here you can
upload any kind of file, including videos, up to 200MB each.

Michael Thomason
Director of Physics Learning Laboratories
University of Colorado Boulder Department of Physics

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Subject: [tap-l] Storing Old Radioactive tap-L posts To Prevent Global

Again, since Keith hath ge-spake (and I did try to deflect this

I absolutely encourage discussion about climate change over at
which is set up for discussion by PIRA members about anything.

PLEASE, take this discussion over there and continue it. The list is set up
so that we have a place to talk
about anything that fancies us among PIRA. If you haven't joined it, please
do. It can be read like a USENET
group, so endless posts can be easily managed.

This helps keep tap-L free for discussing demos and labs and apparatus and
stuff like that. Which is what
we advertise it at meetings as being about. Sort of an "early alert"
system. If we save tap-L for that purpose,
and use PIRA-chat for all other purposes, we serve all our membership at
tap-L, PIRA, ALPhA, and AAPT and
APS in general much better.

Also, you don't have to belong to PIRA to use PIRA-chat, but you should
belong! It's only $11 by PayPal.
and if needed, the direct link
for details.

David E G Sturm - - 1.207.581.1241
--Physics & Astronomy Instructional Laboratories
--Bennett Hall Lecture Demonstration Facilities
--Mainely Physics Road Show --PIRA President '08-09
Dept of Physics & Astronomy -- University of Maine
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