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Author: Keith Warren

Subject: Re: Please, no further postings on this topic: RE: Climate


Oh I do Karl. Without a sense of humor, one would go nuts.

Hope all is going well your way.


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strange that you close the discussion by making such a coupling:
religion, politics, global warming, but I suppose the first two are,
after all, scientific questions... keep your sense of humor, Keith...
smile, Karl

Quoting Keith Warren :

> All,
> This topic/argument comes up about once a year and my inbox fills up
> with private complaints from members about off-topic posts. I would
> like to ask that those of you who choose to continue this
> conversation to take it off of tap-l.
> Below is a copy of the email I sent last year regarding off-topic
> messages. I understand that many of you do not agree with my
> request and you are welcome to email me directly. I also understand
> that there will be times when we do get off-topic and that is OK
> occasionally. If, however, it is a hot topic (religion, politics,
> global warming, etc) it will do nothing other than generate a ton of
> emails and cause members to leave the group in frustration.
> Thanks all!
> -Keith
> -------- previous email about off topic posts ------------
> I want to personally thank all the wonderful members of this list
> for contributing and generating some great conversations about
> demonstrations, labs and outreach. This list was one of the first
> things I joined when I entered the profession. From it I have made
> many friends and learned so much.
> I would also like to remind everybody what the focus of TAP-L is and
> what it is not. TAP-L was created by Andy Graham at Appalachian
> State University about 20 years ago. At least I believe it was
> running then over bitnet. At the time there was not a list for
> support specialist to discuss their trade and TAP-L filled that
> niche nicely. Because there are other lists out there that cover
> more diverse and general topics, Andy worked hard to ensure that
> TAP-L stayed focused on its mission of labs, demos and outreach.
> When he contacted me in 2006 asking me to take the system over, he
> said it was because I had been involved indirectly and directly
> since its inception. He said I understood the idea of TAP-L and
> would ensure that it stayed true to its mission.
> I want to send this email to remind everybody about the purpose of
> TAP-L. Please do not send posts with discussions that have nothing
> to do with demos, labs or outreach. Please refrain from such
> inappropriate posts and seek other lists for those discussions.
> TAP-Lā??s audience is for demos, labs and outreach.
> I am not sending this email to squash conversations as they are the
> livelihood of this group. I am however just giving a simple
> reminder about the purpose of our group and what is appropriate. I
> am not sending this email in response to any recent posts. This is
> just something I have been meaning to send for a while now.
> Thanks again to all the wonderful people on TAP-L!
> -Keith Warren
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