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Author: Bill Norwood

Subject: Global Warming Science (Only)


Hi Taplers, and Keith

Yes, Keith, I agree,
(now that I have learned something of the economics and politics
and the position of the APS [thanks Matt Lowery]),
and that is why I am recommending
sticking with the science and re-naming this thread
as I am trying to do.

For Starters, as John Hubisz has informed us:
...Remember the satellite that fell in to the ocean near Antarctica recently
on launch? The reason for sending it was that we do not understand the
sources and sinks of CO2. We do not know the effect of clouds. We do not
know the effect of water vapor. What we do know about feedback is that the
Earth will moderate what ever happens. How can we believe climate
predictions 100 years into the future without this knowledge? ..."

And for Seconds we now have discussion about radioactive waste storage, an
extremely important topic very much laden with physics and inextricably
intertwined with politics and economics - we could just concentrate our
discussions more on the actual science I guess.

And For Thirds, as the locals report in the U of MD Diamondback:

Thirteen years ago, atmospheric and oceanic science professor Ross Salawitch
of U of MD College Park began to develop methods of measuring carbon dioxide
levels from space, via his (and collaborators') "Orbiting Carbon

2009 article:

2007 article:

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This topic/argument comes up about once a year and my inbox fills up with
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Below is a copy of the email I sent last year regarding off-topic messages.
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Thanks all!

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I want to personally thank all the wonderful members of this list for
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I would also like to remind everybody what the focus of TAP-L is and what it
is not. TAP-L was created by Andy Graham at Appalachian State University
about 20 years ago. At least I believe it was running then over bitnet. At
the time there was not a list for support specialist to discuss their trade
and TAP-L filled that niche nicely. Because there are other lists out there
that cover more diverse and general topics, Andy worked hard to ensure that
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When he contacted me in 2006 asking me to take the system over, he said it
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I want to send this email to remind everybody about the purpose of TAP-L.
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I am not sending this email to squash conversations as they are the
livelihood of this group. I am however just giving a simple reminder about
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Thanks again to all the wonderful people on TAP-L!

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