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Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Climate Change - Is it Controversial?


75b tons now? What was it a cent. ago before massive deforestation?

How much has the oceans' pH changed due to the increased absorption
of CO2? What effect does this have?

bc thinks present run away capitalism has done much more to reduce
CO2 production than what governments will do.

On 2009, Mar 10, , at 05:10, Richard Berg wrote:

> According to a document that I have seen with the reference:
> Unstoppable Global Warming every 1500 years, co-authored by Dr. S.
> Fred Singer, "man generates about 3 billion tons of CO2 annually
> while plants absorb 75 billion tons of CO2 annually." The 72
> billion tons of CO2 absorbed by plants from natural sources
> constitute less than about 0.01% of the 39,000 billion tons of CO2
> stored in the oceans. I believe that, according to the laws of
> chemical equilibrium, this CO2 is continually being absorbed an
> emitted by the oceans. Why are we worrying about the 3 billion
> tons produced by man?

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