Date: Mon Mar 2 16:37:52 2009

Author: simcha Segev

Subject: Re: superconductivity videos


To reduce searching, in the link below click on Download > Download ant
there you have a list of PDF and movies in English and German.

Sorry, Simcha

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Subject: Re: [tap-l] superconductivity videos

David and all,

The links show few implementations of superconducting materials. They not
describe the physics but practical use.

Enjoy, Simcha

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Subject: [tap-l] superconductivity videos

Hi everyone,

Can you recommend any introductory videos on superconductivity and the
Meissner effect?

I have discovered a reasonable copy of the 1965 Alfred Leitner video
on Youtube, the most relevant parts of which are:

This seems pretty good. Anything more modern?