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Subject: Re: Ruben's tube and propane


Thanks to everyone who responded. We went over the show this morning
and the Ruben's tube worked fine on propane.

I did notice one little odd thing: I had the sound on and we were
finished so I turned the gas off at the stopcock on the tube. The
flames continued to burn which didn't surprise me too much as I
presumed the tube was still pressurized, but I reached over right away
to turn the oscillator off and the instant I did, the flames went out.
Was it just a coincidence? I'll see if I can reproduce it the next
chance I get.

The lecturer is going to show the Ruben's tube, double pendula (the
nice ones I got last year) microwave single slit, laser single slit,
quantum dots (the Cenco apparatus I asked about earlier), a humble
simple pendulum and a couple of other things that I don't remember at
the moment.


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