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Author: Anna Kiefte

Subject: Logger Pro - Graphing


On a related but unrelated note...
Does anyone else out there find it annoying that the default in the
LoggerPro software is to connect data points rather than leave them as
individual points? Does anyone know how to change this default option?
(I know how to change it for each individual graph under Graph Options
but students don't bother to do this in most cases...)
Any tips?

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Very definitely. It's been a long while since I used LoggerPro for
data collection (about a month), soo try using stop and then start
(collect), again, IIRC it'll (anthropomorphizing) ask if you want to
save or continue -- hell, read the manual or experiment.

bc thinks by now one of the Vernier lurkers will be answering this.

p.s. IIRC it'll continue the collection w/ out stopping the clock so
you'll have a "blank" section of graph. this means one must it's
within the collection time.

On 2009, Mar 30, , at 08:03, Bill Norwood wrote:

> Hi Taplers,
> Here is a quick question - hopefully (the lab is running right now).
> With the new (or any) Logger Pro version,
> can one do a pause -
> say it is plotting a slowly changing temperature,
> can one just pause it,
> then have it resume the same plot at a chosen later time?
> Many thanks for any insight.
> Bill Norwood, U of MD at College Park, 301-405-6006w

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