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Author: simcha Segev

Subject: Re: Electrostatic analog voltmeter


Bill, the voltmeter that I'm locking for should be at a halway display, i.e
that it had to be readeble from distance.
Those "wooden-box meters" are not suitble for that.

The other problem is that most of those sellers do not ship their goods to
Ayway, Thanks for trying, Simcha

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On Sun, 29 Mar 2009, Simcha Segev wrote:

> I'm looking for Electrostatic analog voltmeter for 1,3,6 and 10Kv or more
> (similar to the GOSSEN panel voltmeters 144x144 sold few years ago by
> Leybold-Didactic) for our new lobby display that I'm working on.

These are quite common on eBay, in the form of portable wooden-box
moving-plate capacitive meters sold by "Sensitive Research." I own a
500V version, 5KV, and 10KV. There are several on eBay right now, search
on "electrostatic voltmeter." $49 is a very good price, though 100$ is
more typical. (One asks $500, that's silly.)

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