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Author: David Tam

Subject: Re: PC to PC


Right - for a Mac, make sure you shut down one machine before plugging
in the firewire cable, and then start it up in Target mode (by holding
down "T" during startup). The hard drive appears like an external
disk on the first machine. You must also shut it down before you
unplug the cable. This is indeed a much easier method.

For PCs, I prefer an ethernet crossover cable, which is easy to make.
If the linkage is done frequently, as in my case, I put a shortlink to
the second machine on the desktop of the first machine.


On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 1:59 PM, Paul Nord wrote:
> But if you had a Mac you could have done this with any firewire cable.
> Firewire connections are all bidirectional like this. Programs and all
> settings can be transferred with a simple migration utility (or just
> copied). And it has worked that way for the last five years or more.
> Paul
> On Mar 30, 2009, at 12:03 PM, Rick Tarara wrote:
>> There is a caveat to such transfers. You can transfer files and data, but
>> usually not programs. This is primarily due to the registry architecture of
>> Windows. Without a full installation, the registry doesn't get set
>> correctly. However, there is the possibility of ghosting--a complete
>> transfer of one disk to another, creating a clone of the first machine. This
>> is useful for schools trying to duplicate environments across multiple
>> machines, but is usually not so useful when you buy a new machine since the
>> OS and some programs are usually new and ghosting would wipe those out.
>> However, if there are only a few new programs, if your are using the same
>> OS, then I would advise ghosting the old to the new and then installing the
>> few new programs, rather than copying files and having to reinstall many old
>> programs.
>> Rick
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>>>> Tappers,
>>>> Can a PC be easily connected to a second PC through a USB port to share
>>>> files?
>>>> Is there a special software that is needed?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> - JZ
>>> Yes, but you need a special USB cable, similar to using a null modem
>>> serial cable. You have to
>>> swap the output and input pins. Windows XP and Vista have built in data
>>> transfer software, that
>>> I find doesn't work very well. The cable usually comes with the software
>>> Laplink which is
>>> much easier to use.
>>> Tom B

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