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Author: Rick Tarara

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But what's the point of transferring old programs on a Mac--they probably
won't work on the new OS!


Rick [whose OS 9.x software is quickly fading into obscurity in light of
more recent Mac Operating Systems. I will probably drop Mac support
soon--Unless TrueBasic can ever produce an OS-X version--leaving it to Mac
users to use a Windows emulator--on which my stuff runs fine (I think)!]

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> But if you had a Mac you could have done this with any firewire cable.
> Firewire connections are all bidirectional like this. Programs and all
> settings can be transferred with a simple migration utility (or just
> copied). And it has worked that way for the last five years or more.
> Paul
> On Mar 30, 2009, at 12:03 PM, Rick Tarara wrote:
>> There is a caveat to such transfers. You can transfer files and data,
>> but usually not programs. This is primarily due to the registry
>> architecture of Windows. Without a full installation, the registry
>> doesn't get set correctly. However, there is the possibility of
>> ghosting--a complete transfer of one disk to another, creating a clone
>> of the first machine. This is useful for schools trying to duplicate
>> environments across multiple machines, but is usually not so useful when
>> you buy a new machine since the OS and some programs are usually new and
>> ghosting would wipe those out. However, if there are only a few new
>> programs, if your are using the same OS, then I would advise ghosting
>> the old to the new and then installing the few new programs, rather than
>> copying files and having to reinstall many old programs.
>> Rick
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>>>> Tappers,
>>>> Can a PC be easily connected to a second PC through a USB port to
>>>> share
>>>> files?
>>>> Is there a special software that is needed?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> - JZ
>>> Yes, but you need a special USB cable, similar to using a null modem
>>> serial cable. You have to
>>> swap the output and input pins. Windows XP and Vista have built in data
>>> transfer software, that
>>> I find doesn't work very well. The cable usually comes with the
>>> software
>>> Laplink which is
>>> much easier to use.
>>> Tom B

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