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Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Power Lines and cows?


Interesting, I suppose if you are directly under the lines, almost
any body orientation is equipotential. Maybe the sag of the lines created
more of a voltage gradient in the N-S direction. You ought to send this
information to the group that's researching this, it might be helpful...


At 3/27/2009 09:48 AM, you wrote:
>For years I kept cattle in a pasture where transmission lines ran through
>the center. They were the large, high tower lines that ran from the Safe
>Harbor Power Plant.
> When it was foggy, drizzly, or the dew point was near 100 %, I
> noticed the cattle would always gather in the center almost exact equal
> distant from the towers, directly under the lines. When it was real
> foggy; but not raining, I could hear the lines "crackle" even from a
> considerable distance away.
>The lines ran North - South; but the cattle always faced perpendicular to
>this. sometimes facing East, sometimes facing West.
>Incidentally, I once took a fluorescence 48 inch light bulb during a foggy
>condition, and standing directly under the lines, I could get the light
>bulb to flash intermittently, just by holding it upward toward the lines..

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