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Author: Bill Alexander

Subject: Re: Power Lines and cows?


I would think minimum would be perpendicular to the power lines, but
now that I think about it, I am not sure. I do believe it would be a
small effect regardless, since although high voltages are involved,
the towers are tall, and net voltage over all 3 wires is always zero.


> What are you saying is the orientation for minimum field effect?
>At 3/24/2009 08:34 AM, you wrote:
>>> Don't forget, in the study there were east-west transmission
>>>lines, under which the cattle were lined up east-west. I'm still
>>>inclined to think if there is anything to this, it will be due
>>>primarily to electric field effects...
>>I Believe if it were an electric field effect, the cows would be
>>oriented for minimum field effect, not maximum delta V.


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