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We were set to wind big solenoids here, but then the local electrical shop (it does big electric motors), backed out.
Stephen CSU-P

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I couldn't find a source, so I rewound three of ours after they got
dropped over a period of years. It's not difficult to do, just
tedious, if you can make a suitable form. I reused the copper wire
because it is quite expensive.


On Mar 19, 2009, at 3:17 PM, Carter, Tom wrote:

> Folks,
> I'm looking for some large replacement solenoids.
> Years ago, we bought six physically large inductors/solenoids
> from the Heath Company. 3400 windings with a coil diameter of
> around 6" and about 4" long which have a nice inductance of around
> 1H. They fit nicely with the Real Time Physics lab manuals.
> I'd like to buy six more. I'd like them to be large so the
> students can accurately measure diameters to do the theorical
> calculations. They also need to have a relatively large inductance
> without a core so that the students can is the negative EMF spike
> when the current is removed and the field collapses.
> Does anyone know if the Heath Company catalog was purchased by
> someone? I can't seem to find them in Pasco, ect. Anyone have any
> other suggestions for physically large solenoids like this?
> Thanks all.
> Tom
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