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Author: Steve Wonnell

Subject: Re: Cadmium Lamp Replacement


Hi Jerry,

We're in the same situation. We bought an OSRAM cadmium lamp, broke off
the outer glass envelope, and are in the process of filling in the base
and top with a high temp insulating cement. The cement (or something like
it) is necessary because the wires inside are paramagnetic and bend the
bulb relative to the base when the field is turned on.

With the outer glass envelop in place, the bulb won't fit between the
poles, and the Zeeman lines are blurred.

We tried moving the poles further apart, and the lines STILL appear
blurred with the glass envelop in place.

Once the cement is hardened, we'll give it a try.

"We" is actually the prof. for the course, and he's got so many other
things to do, including taking care of a brand new baby, that progress
has been slow...

Using other sources (mercury etc) also presents challenges because the
filter/interferometer we have is designed specifically for the red Cd

-- Steve

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009, Jerry Hester wrote:

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> Subject: [tap-l] Cadmium Lamp Replacement
> Taplers,
> The cadmium lamp for our Zeeman Effect lab is defunct.
> This is for the Leybold apparatus, 45112.
> The replacement cost is $1561.00.
> Are there alternatives?
> Thanks,
> Jerry H.

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