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Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Ruben's tube and propane


Ziggy dear,

Apologies I think I did not quite get the meaning
of ''late'' right. It was a language problem and
of course Ziggy is still going strong sending
regular e-mails from our home planet. In fact not
eerie at all :-)

Regards from the late


Urs Lauterburg
Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern

>The 'late Ziggy Peacock'? When did that happen
>and why didn't anyone tell me?? And how did he
>send that e-mail. Eerie.
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>Subject: Re: [tap-l] Ruben's tube and propane
>Cliff et al.,
>I am a bit late with the report of my experience, nevertheless:
>Years ago I built our wonderful Ruben's tube
>following the competent directions of the grand
>master of physical ceremonies, the late Zigmund
>Peacock. At first I was very scared when firing
>up that long, fat tube full of propane gas. It
>was due to much feedback on tap-l that I calmed
>down and wnet ahead to fire it up for the very
>first time. All was good and it worked amazingly
>well ever since. In fact I got very much used to
>it by now and have in fact shown the Ruben's tube
> la Ziggy seven times last Saturday along with
>some other highlight demonstrations as a part of
>public performance in our big and very crowded
>auditorium. For this I actually made a LabVIEW
>program that plays a little song I composed by
>using several of the necessary frequencies and
>amplitudes which are defined by our tube. The
>Ruben's tube usually triggered a special applause
>when playing the song.
>It's the way I like to go about; control my real
>world demonstrations with self made software that
>does exactly what I want and how I want it.
>In your case of course the normal precautions
>should be taken but you should not worry too much.
>Regards and best wishes from over here
>Urs Lauterburg
>Physics demonstrator
>Physikalisches Institut
>University of Bern
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>One of our faculty wants to use my Ruben's tube as part of a road
>>>>>show to a high school. The school does not have a natural gas
>>>>>source for him so he wants to rent a propane tank to fuel the
>>>>>tube. I am concerned about: how well this will work, as I seem to
>>>>>remember that propane requires different sized orifices for flame
>>>>>jets than natural gas, safety (a tank of gas under pressure near
>>>>>an open flame in front of a large audience) and finally, in our
>>>>>lecture hall use, I find I have to turn off our air handlers to
>>>>>reduce air currents in the room so the flames are stable.
>>>>>So I was wondering if any of you had experience using the Ruben's
>>>>>tube on the road in such circumstances and had any advice for me
>>>>>to pass along.

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