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Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Power Lines and compasses?


A couple more comments on this topic. Transmission lines have very
strong electric fields under them. An ungrounded object in the field can
present a shock hazard. In the NPR article it was noted that if power
lines were running east to west, animals tended to align their bodies east
to west. This sounds very similar to the (non-PC) equipotential field
lines demo involving goldfish in a water tank (apparently no PIRA no.(?)).
The table on the webpage below, left out an important
appliance. Some time ago I went around the house with a compass checking
the B field of all our appliances. The microwave and hairdryer had the
strongest fields (we don't have electric blankets)...


At 3/17/2009 12:03 PM, you wrote:
>seems to be a measurable effect--but at a very low level--20 milligauss.
>BTW: Driving through Colorado just in front of a very strong electrical
>storm, I did notice that the cattle were congregating and orienting
>themselves in a uniform direction.

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