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Author: Paul Doherty

Subject: Re: Power Lines and compasses?



Better check if the cattle are poled herefords.

Paul D

On Mar 17, 2009, at 6:42 AM, wrote:

> I just read an article in the newspaper this morning claiming that
> power lines affect cattle's sense of direction. The researchers say
> that generally cattle tend to line themselves up with the earth's
> magnetic field (which, along with our magnetic declination, may
> explain cow dipping in our neck of the woods ;-) but if they are
> near power lines they don't. My puzzlement is that the average
> magnetic field from a power line ought to be zero since they
> transmit AC power and they are strung in pairs. So I was wondering
> if any of you have experience with using compasses around power
> lines (or around cattle for that matter;).
> Cliff

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