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Maybe the cattle they observed were all clones. Of course that
doesn't explain the deer behavior. But on a more serious note the NPR
story stated that power lines are known to locally change the Earth's
magnetic field. So I'm curious about earlier comments about the power line
field being AC and/or averaging to zero. Also, my impression is that the
magnetic sense is only implied, and has not been established...


At 3/17/2009 08:16 AM, you wrote:
>If you read the comments after the story, people who are around cows seem
>to agree that the N-S study was bull. That agrees with my experience
>around here, that things like wind direction, sun position, and land slope
>are the factors, and on a calm day the cows are randomly scattered (unless
>heading for the barn).
>Bill A.
>who has had 3 cows and about 30 sheep (not all at once) on my Bar BQ ranch.
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