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Author: Doug Johnson

Subject: Re: Power Lines and compasses?


I just remembered an funny story about cows.

A friend of mine was doing some remote work for JPL and was helping some
Russian scientists. The Russians were having some difficulties with their
remote sensors at the same time every day. After spending weeks trying to
resolve the problem, my friend suggested to check and see if the local cows
had anything to do with it. It ended up being the cows with their cow
magnets inside were causing the glitch with their readings as they came and
went out of the fields. My friend laughed about this, because he only knew
about these magnets from working in my stockroom!

Cow magnets are pretty strong and with the inside of their stomachs (being
very sensitive?), maybe that has something to do with the magnetic alignment
paradox? Then, maybe the AC power lines would disrupt that alignment?

Just grasping for straws.. ...Doug J.

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> I just read an article in the newspaper this morning claiming that
> power lines affect cattle's sense of direction. The researchers say
> that generally cattle tend to line themselves up with the earth's
> magnetic field (which, along with our magnetic declination, may
> explain cow dipping in our neck of the woods ;-) but if they are near
> power lines they don't. My puzzlement is that the average magnetic
> field from a power line ought to be zero since they transmit AC power
> and they are strung in pairs. So I was wondering if any of you have
> experience with using compasses around power lines (or around cattle
> for that matter;).
> Cliff

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