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If you read the comments after the story, people who are around cows seem to agree that the N-S study was bull. That agrees with my experience around here, that things like wind direction, sun position, and land slope are the factors, and on a calm day the cows are randomly scattered (unless heading for the barn).

Bill A.
who has had 3 cows and about 30 sheep (not all at once) on my Bar BQ ranch.

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Here is a link to the story:


Quoting "Papp, James J " :

> How do the cattle detect a magnetic field? How did the researchers
> measure the cattle's alignment with the Earth's magnetic field? Does the
> oscillating field of the lines register with cattle at all, as opposed
> to a basically static field from the earth? What is the strength of the
> power line field where the research took place? What is "near" to a
> power line, in meters? How much current did that line carry? Etc.
> Jim

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