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Author: David Maiullo

Subject: Re: Ruben's tube and propane


Hi Cliff,

That one seems expensive at ~ $8 per.....

I used nothing special, just a push on hose fitting.

About one dollar per.....just tapped the aluminum plate opposite the
aluminum plate where the speaker is mounted. Then, I just push the
tygon hose from the tank regulator onto the hose nip when I use it. I
sometimes tape the hose down to keep it from kinking and cutting off the
gas during the demo, depending on if that may happen due to the way it's
set up.

Talk about a gas, I'll be in New Orleans for St Patty's Day...could be

Dave/RU wrote:
> Dave,
> Is a regulator valve necessary? Would the fitting labeled "B" under
> accessories allow me to connect up my tygon tubing from the Ruben's
> tube to the tank?
> Cliff
> Quoting David Maiullo :
> > Hi Cliff,
> >
> > Dale is correct in his description of how well propane works in the
> > Reuben's tube. I actually don't know how many places I've used the
> > Reuben's tube. In bars, libraries, schools, gyms, and outside (!) demo
> > shows, all with many different air currents and winds. If you are
> > really worried about the air movement, just make a sturdy plexi shield
> > to stand one foot back and around the sides of the tube. I made one
> > when I first built the tube 20 years ago, but I never actually need it
> > so I don't use it. You sometimes need to finely regulate the gas flow
> > yourself to make the wave forms visible, and this will vary as you go
> > from low frequency to higher frequency standing waves, but you quickly
> > learn how to do that when you are using it.
> >
> > McMaster-Carr is a great place to purchase a 5 lb propane tank to use
> > in shows and in classrooms. Since so many schools are taking natural
> > gas out of the classroom for insurance and safety purposes, having your
> > own tank guarantees you can perform the demo where and whenever you
> > want and need to.
> >
> > BTW, my tube has size .04" holes, or 1.016mm, spaced every half inch
> > for 72". This seems to work pretty well.
> >
> > Happy gas tubing,
> > Dave/RU
> >
> >

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