Date: Wed Mar 4 15:43:26 2009

Author: Bill Norwood

Subject: Re: Cloud Chamber Hallway Demonstration


Hi Jerry,

While the Helmholtz coils in the e/m experiment handily bend a beam of
electrons, I believe that their field would be much too weak to bend (the
much more energetic?) beam of electrons emitted from radioactive source,

Bill Norwood, U of MD at College Park

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Wouldn't Helmholtz coils be a better choice for this purpose? They
would give you a larger, uniform field inside the chamber, as opposed to a
magnet which has a limited field...


At 2/27/2009 12:53 PM, you wrote:
>Bill Norwood wrote:
>>Hi Taplers,
>>I don't know about bending muon tracks, but I found that it required quite
>>bit of "magnet beef" to bend Beta tracks. I could scan and send a couple
>>pages from my lab notebook if anyone would like. Just a few pics, but
>>data, because, while TAs were interested, it never made it into a lab.
>>Bill Norwood, U of MD at College Park
>I concur. I have tried bending "cosmic rays," as well as tracks from
>radiation sources right in the box, with neodymium magnets and have had
>little success. I have on my list to eventually get the right radiation
>source so that the charged particles emitted would be more likely to bend
>(due to their charge, energy, speed, etc.) - hopefully. Anybody have any
>Bill, as for pictures and such, I would be interested. Thank you.
>Adam Beehler


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