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Author: Torres-Isea, Ramon

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Hello Jerry,

For the AAPT meeting at Ann Arbor...

The university is spread out across four campuses: Central Campus (downtown, where Physics is = Randall Lab, Dennison Hall, and West Hall), North Campus (engineering + research centers), Medical Campus, and South Campus (sports complexes). Free intercampus buses run all day until pass midnight. Ann Arbor is a small town so a taxi ride would not be too expensive.

The Campus Inn and the Bell Tower are the hotels within walking distance to Central Campus (where all the action is to take place). However, there many other (cheaper) hotels close to North Campus and South Campus. For dorms, I am not sure which ones will be available for AAPT, but the Mosher Jordan Hall is nearby, was recently renovated, and I understand that it has air conditioning (I think this one will be available for AAPT).

Here are some links:

Campus Inn:
Bell Tower:
Mosher Jordan and other dorms:

Other hotels:

Maps and directions:

Things to do in Ann Arbor:

City of Ann Arbor General Information:

Hope to see everyone in Ann Arbor this summer.


Adjunct Lecturer and Supervisor,

Advanced Physics Teaching Laboratories,

The University of Michigan,

Ann Arbor, MI

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I assume registration and lodging information will be posted on the
AAPT site soon.
I could be wrong.

Have the PIRAmaniacs made reservations yet?
Any recommendations for lodging?

Jerry H.

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