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Author: Dale E. Stille

Subject: Re: Ruben's tube and propane



Zig and Dave Maiullo both run their tubes off propane using small 7 to
10 lb tanks with the standard pressure regulators. While you need
different orfices for things like stoves and water heaters for the
different gasses, I think you will find that the Rueben's tube is pretty
forgiving in this regard. So, you should be able to use it with either
gas. I would suggest getting the quick couplers for ease of attaching
the tank to the tube. ( They look and act the same as the couplers for
high pressure air hoses).

Dale wrote:
> One of our faculty wants to use my Ruben's tube as part of a road show
> to a high school. The school does not have a natural gas source for him
> so he wants to rent a propane tank to fuel the tube. I am concerned
> about: how well this will work, as I seem to remember that propane
> requires different sized orifices for flame jets than natural gas,
> safety (a tank of gas under pressure near an open flame in front of a
> large audience) and finally, in our lecture hall use, I find I have to
> turn off our air handlers to reduce air currents in the room so the
> flames are stable.
> So I was wondering if any of you had experience using the Ruben's tube
> on the road in such circumstances and had any advice for me to pass along.
> Cliff

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