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Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Big Bang density


Well, Urs, regarding your big bang comments, the observed evidence is
supposedly 13-14 billion years old. Theories can be thought of as
interpretations of observations, and observations this far removed leave
lots of room for interpretation. The specific evidence you cited is not as
challenging to our understanding. But where is the evidence that suggests
the more difficult to understand aspects of the theory, and what are the
other interpretations of this evidence? This question is rhetorical, I
don't expect you to round up all this information for me. I'm just
responding to your comments...


At 3/12/2009 12:18 AM, you wrote:
>Well, the Big Bang model was actually derived from observed evidence, thus
>the discovery that most astrophysical objects move away from us and from
>each other, thus characterizing an expansion process much like an
>expanding gas. Of course the time scale is rather large compared to a
>human life but the cooling process is plausible, with matter kind of
>condensing out of an initial soup of elementary particles. This does not
>seem to be so far out to me at least not as far about as some other more
>religiously colored projections that came out of the human minds.


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