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Author: Dale E. Stille

Subject: Re: Summer Meeting items of interest for Lab Managers



There is a proposed Introductory and Advanced Lab Workshop that will
take place on Sunday pm if it is approved.


Bill McNairy wrote:
> Yep! There's to be a first-time advanced lab workshop in the days
> **before** the meeting. Covers anything above introductory level, but
> am sure that they'll be some overlap. Talk to Sammy Sampere about the
> syllabus.
> The Michigan folks at the Apparatus meeting in Chicago seem to be very
> interested in making this experience rewarding and, for AAPT related
> things, fairly inexpensive to boot. Should be a fantastic summer meeting!
> Limited slots will be available for the lab workshop.
> bill
> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Our lab manager here was wondering if some of you with similar
>> positions had suggestions for sessions, talks or events for this
>> year's summer AAPT meeting. I told him I would ask and pass along
>> responses.
>> Cliff

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