Date: Tue Dec 2 11:55:50 2008

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: Firewire Video Cameras and WinXP


>> I have a Canon Elura camera with FireWire (IEEE-1394) interface .
>> Until
>> recently WinXP and VideoCapture recognized this camera. Now they
>> don't. I
>> suspect that one of the XP updates is the reason for this.
>> Has anyone else had this problem? Any idea how I can solve this
>> problem?

I have had computers nagging me to upgrade XP to SP3 (from SP2) or
just doing it.
Sometimes this causes the user added DLL's to be "orphaned".

Go to the maker of your 1394 card and download the Vista or XP SP3
compatible drivers
or try to de-install and re-install the ones that you have (that came
with VideoCapture?)