Date: Thu Dec 4 21:58:38 2008

Author: William Gregg

Subject: Re: What is your favorite density demo/activity?


With this demo I like to remind students that is why we drink diet
soda--because "it's lighter" and floats. When they wonder why, I
tell them that all that sugar weighs something.
I also like to show density in solids, sort of. In a large beaker of
small plastic beads, I hide a ping pong ball. Place an orange golf
ball on the beads and predict that I'll change the orange ball to a
white one. Shake the beaker with hand over opening and the ping pong
ball "floats" to the top and the golf ball "sinks" to the bottom.

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On Dec 3, 2008, at 6:39 AM, Anthony Lapinski wrote:

> I like the diet/regular soda can demo in a small aquarium. Simple
> setup,
> and kids can try it at home. Parents are fascinated with this on
> Back To
> School Night!
> writes:
>> Personally, I like to float a bowling ball, then put ice in water
>> then in
>> alcohol, and finally for the big finale, I like to put colored ice in
>> some corn syrup, if you use red food coloring when you make the
>> ice, it
>> looks like the ice is bleeding!
>> What do you guys like to use, or have your students do?