Date: Mon Oct 6 14:59:58 2008

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: in need of some good multimeters - email list


Here's another, now a bit late, post I wrote five days ago.

You-all's problem is purchasing meters intended for people who know
what they are doing. The proper place to purchase your meters is
from Cenco types. If they don't mfg. them, advise them. I'm was
about to post the suggestion that only two types of meters are
suitable. The research ones -- 61/2 digits, minimum from, e.g.
Agilent. [$1200] * and five dollar ones from Harbor freight.

Just think, 60 of them for the price of a Fluke, and when the fuse
goes toss it in the e-recycle.

* better 81/2 digit 8 ppm [$8k]:

bc has several 4 1/2 digit HP battery supply desk top ones from RAFT
for $15.

On 2008, Sep 30, , at 12:01, Bill Norwood wrote:

> Hi Taplers,
> I am drafting a response, but I want to do a better job than I did
> last
> time. The main part of what I wish to do is to get the attention of
> "meter-makers" and to motivate them to manufacture lines of units
> where fuse
> replacement is easy.
> Because of this I need to build an e-mail list of mfrs and vendors who
> actually care about meter sales, and I would cc them this
> communication. But
> I do not know where to find such a list, of perhaps 50 to 100 each
> - I have
> collected only 13. Could you possibly provide me either a short
> list or a
> long list of e-mail addresses of meter makers and meter vendors.
> Many thanks for any assistance,
> Bill Norwood
> U of MD at College Park
> Quoting Sharah Yasharahla :
>> Good Morning, I have been having trouble with my current
>> multimeters and
>> was wondering if the tap-l members could give me some insight
>> on a better brand and possibly a vendor.
>> Thanks
>> Sharah Yasharahla
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>> Physics Department
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